SOLA Transport: Over 60 years of providing cargo transportation services

Manuel M. Sola Jr., who at the age of 18 was the youngest ever-licensed Customs Broker in Cuba founded Sola Transport Agency in 1951 in Havana, Cuba. By the mid 1950’s it had become one of the largest and most respected Customs Brokerage firms in Cuba. Not resting on his laurels Mr. Sola Jr. pursued and became an agent for Universal Carloading, one of the largest inland carriers via railroad in the USA...

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  • 1950s


    Founded in Havana Cuba by Manuel Sola Jr.

  • 1960s

    Established Miami to Puerto Rico under Transconex name
    Sola Transport is established in Panama
  • 1970s

    Built terminal in Miami dedicated to LCL service

  • 1980s

    International trade lanes are spun off to from TCX International
    Transconex is sold to a former business partner
    Manuel Sola III departs and forms Caribtrans servicing the Caribbean
  • 1990s

    TCX International is sold, Sola Transport continues to operate in Panama
  • 2000s

    Sola Transport adds Aleida Lopez as a Partner in Panama
  • 2010s

    Founder Manuel Sola Jr. passes away
    Manuel Sola III and Aleida Lopez continue to operate with the tradition of quality and personalized service